Having a deck in Atlanta, Georgia is an absolute joy in the summer and spring. In both of these seasons, you can fully enjoy the sun and nature, especially if you have a deck! Decks are a perfect addition to your home because they offer you a lovely place to rest and relax. They also offer you and your guests a chance to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is pleasant. Though decks don’t require a lot of labor to maintain, they still need to be well kept. If you neglect your outside deck, the damage can be long-lasting and irreversible.

Loose Nails

Sometimes, with older decks, nails can work themselves loose. When you come across a loose nail, the best course of action is to immediately tend to it. Nothing is worse than walking across your deck and then getting a loose nail in your foot — worse, in your kid’s or a guest’s foot! The best thing to do is take the nail out immediately. You can pull the nail with a hammer or a cat’s paw. After pulling the nail, the best thing to do is place a larger screw in the deck where the old nail was. The older the deck, the more nails may be worn.

Repair Split Wood

Split wood is a common sign of a wooden deck that has seen both climate and heavy use. Decks are not meant to last forever, however, proper maintenance can prolong their use for years before restoration is needed. The most common aging in decks can be seen when their wooden planks begin to split. When a split occurs, you must remove the damaged wood and replace the old board with a newer one.


For Dirt

Most of the maintenance of a deck is ensuring that it stays clean. Because decks are exposed to the elements and obvious heavy foot traffic they are prone to dirt and grime. If you allow your deck to cake with dirt and mud, you severely limit the life of the deck’s wooden beams. By using a pressure washer, you can ensure the wood beams to last twice as long!

For Wood Fibers

You also want to wash your deck in order to remove wood fibers from the surface. Part of the reason why deck are enjoyable is you can use them all summer long! If you do not remove the wood fibers you would get a build up of wood splinters. This obviously will hurt your enjoyment of your deck.

For Repair

Washing your deck is also necessary if you would like to make repairs to the deck such as exchanging the wood beams. This will help with the speed of your repairs, as you won’t be picking off dirt and wood splinters. In order to properly clean your deck, you should implement a pressure washer. It is important that when you use your pressure washer that your have a firm grip of the device and move the water stream. If you use too much pressure on the wood, in one focal spot, you could severely damage the beams of your deck.

The process to wash your deck, exchange planks, and get rid of loose nails can all be difficult and extraneous tasks, especially for someone who is elderly or physically disabled. You should not be kept from enjoying the beauty of an outdoor deck just because you cannot physically maintain it. That is where Ace Pressure Washing can help! We provide deck pressure washing services and deck repairs for those that don’t know how! We are a skilled and experienced pressure washing service that can not only clean your deck, but restore it if it has become damaged over time. At Ace Pressure Washing, we believe that just because you cannot maintain your own deck, does not mean that you cannot own and enjoy one. Call or visit us online today and see how our services could benefit you!