Pressure washing is no DIY project. It may seem simple, but in actuality, it is quite a complicated process that requires skill. For example, you wouldn’t barge into a neurosurgery ward and claim that it would be easy. There is a process, a skill-set, and experience needed before success can be achieved. The same could be said for pressure washing. In fact, tackling a pressure washing job is tiresome and expensive to handle on your own. There are many factors to consider when pressure washing, and if you do not, you will end up doing more damage to your home than good. More importantly, you could do damage to yourself! Here are five factors of why it is better to leave the pressure washing jobs to the professionals.

1. Pieces and Parts: Knowing What You Need to Know

When performing any job, you generally need to know a little bit about the process before you begin. Learning curves often take time and practice. With pressure washing you need to know which piece means what, and where to pressure wash for an optimal clean. For example, nozzles are a tricky concept in pressure washing because each one varies in pressure and where specifically to use them. Yellow, Green, White, and Red nozzles all have different pressures and are specifically used for certain particle removal. Red nozzles have a 0-degree fan spray pattern, which means they are a very strong and directed spray. These nozzles are often used to loosen and remove hardened mud. Using a red nozzle for a simple cleaning could take paint of your deck or home.

2. Ladders: Like a Balance Beam, But More Dangerous

Image yourself holding a powerful tool, and then trying to balance several feet in the air. Sounds like a challenge, right? Well, it is. Pressure washers exert a lot of fore and tend to push against you. So you can see how being up against a house with a ladder could be problematic and extremely dangerous. Pressure washers have to use their weight against the pressure machines and have special holding techniques to ensure they are not blown backwards. If you believe you could DIY the whole venture, you might be sorely mistaken and the consequences could be very harmful to you and your home.

3. Equipment: Going and Getting the Right Stuff the First Time

There is nothing worse than going to the store, leaving, and then discovering there is something else that you need. It takes time and money to make a trip back and forth from the store. It is expensive for two reasons: filling up your tank and paying for new or multiple items. When a professional pressure washer comes to your home they have exactly what they need to do the job and do the job right. For instance if you tried to pressure wash by yourself, you would have to know and buy all the equipment. This includes:

• A Pressure Washer
• Washing Solution
• Protective Glasses
• Washing Gear
• An Extension Pole
• Brooms
• Brushes, etc.

It’s a headache for anyone who has not been trained to know how to do the job.

4. Pressure: Under Pressure, Literally

There is pressure to this job. No pun intended, but doing a pressure washing job correctly is difficult. If a mistake occurs, you could damage your property and seriously injure yourself. A pressure washer has a great amount of force and can chip away at paint if you are using the wrong nozzle. Also, if you are at all questioning your strength, don’t pick up pressure washing. Depending on the strength of the nozzle you would get pushed back, or worse, drop the washer. Although hilarity normally ensues, it is not an ideal situation for a successful result. Often times, you will end up soaked and so will the rest of your home and anyone in a twenty-foot radius of you.

5. Time: All the Things You Could Be Doing

Leave the pressure washing to the professionals. Why? Because, think of all the other things you could be doing than washing your belongings. Use your weekends for things you will actually enjoy, instead of trying to do a job you barely know anything about. Pressure washing professionals are called professionals because it is in their job description to do the task well the first time. All the bumps and bruises you would get from trying to do your pressure washing job would be in vain. Especially, when there are able professionals right here in the Atlanta area.

Pressure washing is not an easy task, so don’t treat it like one. Get a professional to get the job done, and done right. Let them use their expertise and save you time, money, and bruises. If having a professional handle your pressure washing sounds like a good idea, call Ace Pressure Washing today!